Pemberton Karri #1- charcoal

Karri in charcoal #1 small

So What’s An Artist to Do?

This is 20 March 2020. There have been so many changes to our lives over these past several days. Energy has been taken from us and we just wonder and wander a little more than previously. As an artist I find I like to draw or paint on almost each (if not every) day. That’s how I understand who I am- the authentic me. The active artist. But I still can draw- I just express myself differently or the world around us differently. I’m not being gloomy just searching a bit- perhaps for a new reality. It will take time. We were to have a major group exhibition in the South  West in a month’s time. That’s gone. All 110 of us have been working on this for about 3-6 months- now it’s on hold or abandoned for long time. Society may change a lot after this event. But you have to do something- can’t just mope about. Sometimes you just have to create a purpose to create art. And we can.

I usually sit at the drawing board for at least 25 hours and up to 100 hours to complete a picture of our beautiful birds and plants. For the last five or more days I have just mentally not been able to make a picture- at all- just a bit empty or bewildered by all this world has going on.

So I dug out all my drawings to see what was in the flat drawers. And then thought let’s have a go at a landscape- in charcoal- befitting for our dark times. And just let go- it doesn’t matter if you botch it- just let loose! And 20 minutes later here we are – a track from over Pemberton way. I love Karri trees and this just might fit into a dud old frame I have lying around. Strange how out of darkness can come some light. some enjoyment in life!

Available through Boranup Gallery.

79cm x 104cm outside frame dimensions

Framed price $1195

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