Hornbills in Paradise: Wreathed Hornbills on Cluster Fig

Hornbills On Ficus racemosa SMALL


IT WAS JULY 2013 when we visited the Bali Bird Park for the first time and saw for the first time a pair of Wreathed Hornbills. I was totally enchanted by their appearance and wanted to paint their portrait – of course. But it took almost seven years before that happened. And now with the Covid 19 impact I decided to paint just what I have so long wanted too. And here we are: this is a watercolour of the female to the left and male to the right perched on the fascinating Ficus racemose (Cluster Fig). I also first saw this tree in Ubud where we stay in Bali. This is in fact the first non-Australian bird portrait that I have completed.

Wreathed Hornbills are classified as “Vulnerable” due to their apparent inability to adapt to the progressively destructive removal of their natural habitat.

This is a watercolour painting on 300gsm Arches Hot Pressed (smooth) Paper. The original image measures 72cm x 54cm wide .
The Original can be obtained from Boranup Gallery
Framed price $4950

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