The Storyteller: Galahs on the gum tree



We have several Galahs visiting our garden and surrounding open land. The antics they get up to when relating to one another is often humorous and appears to be playful. But they also squabble and peck at one another in order to protect their space on a branch or to be near a mate- or so it seems.  While they are also known in WA as Pink and Greys, their colouring does vary with soft pinks through to deep or strong pink- particularly around the face- but not always. There is also often a dusky grey “wash” over the feathers on the abdomen. And even under the wings, there are some grey feathers tinged with pink.

This painting was designed to illustrate that fun behaviour of Galahs and while setting out the sketches it came to me that one bird was perched as if telling a story to the others. Thus the title of the painting.


detail 2_D8H6287Detail in the painting

This is a watercolour painting on 300gsm Arches Hot Pressed (smooth) Paper. The original image measures 71cm x 52cm wide and is currently unframed.

The Original can be obtained from the artist at this stage. I am hoping to get the painting framed by early August. Limited edition prints will also be available then.

Unframed price $6000  Framed price will be about $6700-7000.


Limited Edition Print- Galahs on a gum tree- “The Storyteller”

Limited Edition Prints – limited to 200 prints and printed on Hahnemule 300 gsm bright white rag paper. (Referred to as a Giclée Print). The dimensions of the print are approximately 90% the size of the original painting: image dimensions are 645mm x 478mm. Postage is by 90mm diameter card board mailing tube and is free within Australia.




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