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About two years ago while wandering about Kings Park, I came across a small flock of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos feeding on Eucalyptus caesia. They were very obliging and I obtained a good number of ohotographs that, until now, had sat quietly and unused. We have the Silver Priness form of the plant in our own front garden and it is currently in bloom (without the Red-tails).

This watercolour is paint on Arches 300 GSM Hot pressed paper. The inage is approximately 51cm x 70cm.

Available from the Artist

Price- SOLD at MRROS Today 17 September 2021 $7000

The framing for this painting comprises glass that provides up to 70% UV protection.


Splendid Fairy Wrens seem to enjoy hanging out together and it may well be (based on sound research) that more often than not the female has more than one boyfriend helping in the breeding process. Enough gossip. The Splendids spend a lot of time on or near the ground which is why I incorporated the small Hibbertia hypericoides (Yellow Buttercups).

This is a watercolour painting on Arches 300gsm Hot Pressed paper.

Dimensions of the picture are 39cm x 29cm

Price Framed $2750


Corymbia ficifolia

I remember seeing a mature tree in the school yard in Central Victoria many years ago and was so blown away by the shear brilliance of the flourish of brilliant red colour all over its canopy. Here in the west I am surprised that Corymbia ficifolia is not planted more as a specimen tree or as street trees. The City of Busselton is certainly getting onto in their street scaping works and they should start to look brilliant by about 2025-ish.(They do look good now).

This is a watercolour painted on Arches 300gsm Hot Pressed Paper. Dimensions of the picture are 45cm x 62cm (unframed and therefore dimensions may change a little).

Price FRAMED: $3250


While Cockatiels are indeed a bird of the inland, they are also very much an Internationalist. After the Budgie, the Cockatiels must be one of the most domesticated of our native birds. I do like them in the wild and have placed this pair in a typical inland setting with rocky outcrop above the grassy plains where the Cockatiels commonly feed on the native grasses.

This is a watercolour painting on Arches 300GSM Hot Pressed paper.

Dimensions of the original are 36cm x 44cm

Framed Price: $2650 from the artist

EASTERN ROSELLAS- OUT AND ABOUT- An original watercolour

This is a watercolour painting framed with Tasmanian Oak frame with off-white (chalk) double matt boards. Dimensions are: 69cm x 82cm outside of frame. (A Full-sheet painting)

Glazed with standard picture glass

This is a lovely picture featuring two favourites of mine- the Eastern Rosellas because of the memories from childhood; and the Yellow Gum, Eucalyptus leucoxylon which grew so big and beautiful in the part of Central Victoria where I grew up.

Framed Price: $4250 from the Artist


Mottlecah, is the fist large sized purely botanical painting to be released from our studio. A watercolour painting on Arches 300GSM Hot Pressed paper, this painting illustrates the magnificence of this popular Western Australian plant. While driving along a rural road through the upper wheatbelt you can come across these stunning plants growing naturally along the roadside verges. It is quite an outstanding surprise when you first encounter these big scraggly mallees spotted with glorious big flower heads. But that’s not unusual in a state with so much botanical “bling”.

Picture dimensions within the matboard are 41cm x 56cm

Framed Price: $3450 SOLD



This is a unique watercolour painting of two species of Woodswallows that are found within Western Australia. The Masked Woodswallows occur across a vast area of Australia except for a few corners of the continent. Interestingly, the White-browed Woodswallows (which occur in the northern inland areas of WA and most of the rest of the country) are often found together. They fly, feed and perch together as if they were the same species.

This is a watercolour on Arches 300gsm Hot Pressed Paper which I prefer to use for fine art work.

The picture measures about 31cm wide x 40cm high and is now framed and available from the artist. Contact via email: spikercs@gmail.com or text 0478 603 067

Price framed $2195

Available from the Artist

This is a beautiful framed original watercolour painting on display at and available from Aspects of Kings Park, Perth Western Australia. You can contact Aspects Gallery by phone on 9480 3900 or visit seven days a week at 68 Fraser Avenue, Kings Park Western Australia 6005 · To find out more about Aspects go to: Aspects of Kings Park

The picture measures about 29cm wide x 35cm high and is now framed.

This is a watercolour on Arches 300gsm Hot Pressed Paper which I prefer to use for fine art work.

Price framed and on show at Aspects of Kings Park, Perth- $3250

The Western Whistler has been whistling around our garden and nearby bushland for several months. They fly into the low bushes and sit quietly, turning their head ever so slightly to look up at something above them (or perhaps downwards)- just like the female in this picture. The plant they are on is the Trymalium floribundum (Karri Hazel) which is common along our local river. I had wanted to upgrade my compositions so as to create a very natural setting with a pair of Goldens. And as per usual, I painted these birds at their typical size. The golden yellow leaves were purposefully placed to create a visual balance to the picture as a whole and therefore compliment the male bird’s colours.


Our property consists of natural vegetation including Marri and Jarrah trees with a planted garden designed to attract birds. There are locations in the garden where Bronzewings tend to gather including a resting area underneath Allocasuarinas and tall shrubs. And it is this location that I have tried to portray in this painting of the male and female Common Bronzewings (Phaps chalcoptera). These birds are common around the urban area of Margaret River and surrounding bushland.

Completion of this painting was over three consecutive weeks: beginning with idea sketches, then detail drawings, followed by developing composition sketches and final watercolour painting. Painted on Arches 300gsm Hot Press paper.

Picture dimensions are 71cm wide x 51cm high

Framed original $5450

White-cheeked Honeyeaters on Eucalyptus erythrocorys (Illyarie)

I frequently walk past these trees around Margaret River. When in flower they are a stunning show and the birds seem to be attracted to them as well. The long sweeping leaves enable a very rhythmical pattern to be developed as they hang from the thin branchlets. In this painting I used a small group of White-cheeked Honeyeaters as they seemed the most appropriate.

An original watercolour painting on Arches 300 gsm Hot Pressed Paper

Picture area is approximately 52.5cm x 67cm wide.

Available from the Boranup Gallery


We visited the Mount Buffalo and Falls Creek areas last September and were delighted to see so many Flame Robins. They seemed to find food in the snow which I guess could have been insects of some kind. One of the particular aims of the visit was to see the Snow Gums (Eucalyptus pauciflora) which are truly one of the worlds most amazing trees. The branches have colourful longitudinal stripes like broad pin-stripes of pale yellows and grey/blue bark and the occasional green or red bark. The background view is from the Mt Buffalo area.

This is a watercolour painting on 300gsm Arches Hot Pressed (smooth) Paper. The original image measures approx. 35cm x 45cm high.

Available from the Artist

Framed price $2250

Regent Bowerbirds on a log by the track to Mt Warning

On a recent hike up Mount Warning Northern NSW (August 2018), I came across this most fascinating branch growing immediately next to the track. I was about three quarters of the way up the climb. It appeared to me to be an old branch because of the amount of miscellaneous vegetation growing all over it. As soon as I saw it I knew that it was for: I wanted to paint the Regent Bowerbirds perched on it (with only a little licence) And here we have it.

An original watercolour painting on Arches 300 gsm Hot Pressed Paper

The original is now available as a framed work using 70%UV protection non-reflective glass.

An original watercolour painting on Arches 300 gsm Hot Pressed Paper.

Picture area is approximately 50cm x 71cm.

Available from the Artist

Framed Price: $7000

Slumbering on the Rock- Spinifex Pigeons

Framed in a stylish bold black frame to compliment the colours and tone of the original painting with triple mount boards.

Frame dimensions: 650mm x 560mm

Image dimensions: 410mm x 305mm

Framed original available from Boranup Gallery

Framed price: $1650

And He Thinks He’s the Pretty One, Hey!” Red-tailed Black Cockatoos on a Pink Flowering (Corymbia) Gum

So often the Male bird is featured as the special feature Red tailed Black Cockatoo. It’s the female, however, that I think is actually the prettier one with those tail stripes, chest feather barring, and all those “sequins” on the head and the mix of bright colours.

“And He Thinks He’s the pretty One, Hey”

This is an original watercolour painting on Arches 300 gsm Hot Pressed Paper

Framed price:$5250

Original painting available through Boranup Gallery


A fine art watercolour on Arches 300gsm hot-pressed paper

The picture is approximately 440mm high x 620mm wide  and is beautifully framed to archival standards with non-reflective conservation UV glass.

Framed Price: $4250


THE PRINCESS IS PREENING: Princess parrots on a Marble Gum

This is a watercolour painting on 300gsm Arches Hot Pressed (smooth) Paper. The original image measures 70cm x 52cm wide.

Framed original available through Boranup Gallery.

Framed price $4250

Perfect Day in Phoenicea: Red-collared Lorikeets on Eucalyptus phoenicea

Red-collared Lorikeets pass under the radar unless you live in the north of Australia including the Kimberley Region of WA. The very common Rainbow Lorikeet from the east, south and Capital Cities of Australia is far more easily recognised. The eucalyptus is also a stunning feature of that region of Australia. The name Eucalyptus phoenicea is derived from the orange/red  flower filaments similar to the mythical Arabian bird known as Phoenix which is described as having brilliant scarlet coloured feathers. I found the flowers to be more orange than scarlet.

This is a watercolour painting on 300gsm Arches Hot Pressed (smooth) Paper. The original image measures 66cm x 50cm wide.

The Original can be obtained from Boranup Gallery

Framed price $3950

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