Recent Commissions for Australian Native Bird Art

Scarlet chested Parrots final 2 MR Watercolour (8)Visiting Aspects Gallery of Kings Park, Perth, as the resident artist for a few days in September had some unexpected spin-offs. While I met lots of new people and a few long term (but unknown) collectors of my paintings, I received a request for commission paintings. This commission including three paintings of Australian magpie and the cute WA legend- the Quokka.

Within a month of returning home I received yet another request and this time for three paintings of Australian parrots. The couple in this instance had fond memories of the smaller parrots from childhood as so took the opportunity to decorate their home in WA with paintings of the Western Rosellas and Scarlet-chested Parrots with two more paintings to come of Turquoise Parrots and Bourke’s Parrot.  Producing Australian Native Bird Art is a lot of fun and its very satisfying to meet other people who love these birds.

You can see the images of the Scarlet Chested Parrot and Western Rosella paintings here:


So if you are interested in obtaining your very own original through a commission feel free to make contact with me via email at:


Bird Art Greeting Cards- click here to see the full range of our card packs

Our range of fine art native bird greeting cards feature mostly birds that are found within Western Australia with an increasing number of eastern states birds starting to appear in recent months.

Each greeting card measures 128mm x 178mm (5″ x 7″) has a picture based on a fine art watercolour painting by Christopher Spiker. On the back of each greeting card there is a brief description of the featured birds unique characteristics. The inside of all cards is left blank for your personal greetings and notes.

All cards are printed on an attractive 300gsm off white card stock and come with an individual mailing envelope within a thin clear poly bag.

Postage and packing for deliveries within Australia is included in the price shown below. We use Australia Post to deliver all items in their packaging.



Wrens Five card pack with envelopes W5



Wrens and Robins: Seven cards with envelopes Pack WR7


Wrens Greeting Card Set of Eight designs- W8


Small Bush Birds Set of Seven Cards- BB7


Parrots and Cockatoos Set of Seven cards PC7


Special Mix of Ten Cards MC10


Colourful Mix of Australian Wildlife- includes birds from Eastern Stated and the Numbat MB7N


Parrots and Cockatoos Top 5 Cards PCT5


Honeyeaters and Spinebills Set of Six Cards HS6