My General Approach to Art

Creating pictures through the mediums of painting, drawing & photography is a key element in how I enjoy life. I enjoy seeing light and shadows playing through trees and across paddocks in the evening; I love birds displaying all of their gentle and flighty characteristics; I love the diversity of people and the buildings and activities that define the streets of urban landscapes throughout the world. So put simply, I paint pictures of birds, rural landscapes, bush tracks and building dominated streetscapes. My interpretation of places, recognition of details in nature, and maintaining relevant proportions in pictorial forms results from my many years working as a design draftsman: the painting of birds and buildings are the most dependent on this experience.

As a semi-commercial photographer I constantly search for light and mood in a scene and this characteristic or trait has transferred to my landscape paintings in particular.

My preferred medium has predominantly been watercolour with a “spattering” of drawings using ink and wash as well as pencil drawing. All of my watercolour paintings are on Arches 300gsm hot pressed paper which provides a beautiful smooth surface for capturing detail and completing fine line-work. I use only the finest quality professional artist’s paints available. While most of work subjects and style may be considered fairly conservative and realistic, I do have my times of abandonment of “rules”.

Experimental Abstract works

Following a recent extremely hot holiday in central and northern Vietnam, I chose to express my response by experimenting in a very personal abstract style. The inspiration of a significant internationally renowned Vietnamese abstract artist combined with a technique I have been developing in recent years brought about the results shown on this website. The base, either watercolour paper, masonite or canvas is mostly covered with a thick layer of waterproof black ink and then watercolour, gouache and acrylic paint is applied randomly and freely using a wet-on-wet followed by wet-on-dry approach. The technique enables the brilliance of all of these paints to be set off against the black background with a much greater vibrancy than a white background delivers.

More importantly, the paintings are highly expressive free-form interpretations of how I saw Vietnam: they express my personal feelings for the experience of a brief time in Vietnam. All of these paintings are now available from the Artist either framed or unframed. I have preferred to supply paintings to the public through galleries, college exhibitions and directly from my studio rather than participate in competitions.


If you would like to get in touch please use this form or feel welcome to call me directly on 0478 603 067.

I have been based in Margaret River since 2007



First prize Harvey Art Show (Landscape painting)

First Prize Pinjarra Art Show (Landscape painting)

Highly Commended 2015 – Wildlife Artists Society of Australia


The information contained on this website is accurate and reliable to the best of our ability at the time the information was added to the webpages. All works of art are available from the locations and for the prices shown but both the location and price may vary according to the personal decision of the artist. The artist reserves the right to withdraw any artwork from sale at any time. Persons interested in either viewing or purchasing work are recommended to contact the artist or relevant gallery prior to any visit being undertaken

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