About Chris Spiker Art

Princess Parrots- Preening _final small D8H5481

I can best be called an Australian Native Bird Artist.

I grew up in Victoria and later moved to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory where we lived as a family for over 11 years,  a relatively short stint in Adelaide, South Australia and eventually Western Australia from 1991. We have lived in Margaret River since 2006. We now produce an increasingly popular range of prints and greeting cards based on my original watercolour paintings.

Creating pictures through the mediums of painting and drawing is a key element in how I enjoy life.  I mainly paint pictures of Australian Native Birds, rural landscapes and bush tracks.

My interpretation of places, recognition of details in nature, and maintaining relevant proportions in pictorial form results from my years working as a design draftsman.

My preferred mediums are watercolour  and drawing in either pen and ink or pencil. Practically all of my watercolour paintings are on Arches 300gsm hot pressed paper which provides a beautiful smooth surface for capturing detail and completing fine line-work. I use only the finest quality professional artist’s paints available.

My purpose in painting is firstly to express my personal artistic nature or character- I “see” things and therefore just simply want to create a picture of what I see. But far more importantly than that, I paint birds because I love them for their habitual diversity and beauty. And then of course I paint birds with the hope that I might encourage other people to appreciate the need to ensure the permanent preservation of birds generally and in particular our Australian Black Cockatoos and smaller Parrots and bush birds that are increasingly vulnerable for many reasons.

And my favourite Australian Native Bird is the Great Crested Grebe.

38 A4N38 Great Crested Grebe


Contact Details:

Chris Spiker

Mobile: 0478 603 067

email: spikercs@gmail.com


First prize Harvey Art Show (Landscape painting)

First Prize Pinjarra Art Show (Landscape painting)

Highly Commended 2015 – Wildlife Artists Society of Australia

2018 Head of School & People’s Choice Award at University of Western Australia 2018 Biology as Art Exhibition and Awards

(I rarely enter competitions these days)

The information contained on this website is accurate and reliable to the best of our ability at the time the information was added to the webpages. All works of art are available from the locations and for the prices shown but both the location and price may vary according to the personal decision of the artist. The artist reserves the right to withdraw any artwork from sale at any time. Persons interested in either viewing or purchasing work are recommended to contact the artist or relevant gallery prior to any visit being undertaken

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