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Almost ten weeks have passed since the 2021 Open Studios event came to an end. Since then I have completed commissions and a few new paintings for the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association.

For about two years we have been providing our greeting cards and Open Giclee Prints to the Association with STEADY interest growing for our products. The Association recently acquired the lease and management interest in the Eagles Heritage. Out of this new venture has come a need to establish a new visitor centre with Local products available to visitors. The link to the full Press Release is here:

Throughout each of the last several years I have produced a list of paintings that I would like to complete over the coming months. While I never stick to the planning I benefit from it by reminding myself of the attractive subjects that I can have a go at. This is very handy when you have those days of uncertainty and don’t know what to do with yourself- it often happens after completing a larger or more complex painting. And late last year I added a few Owls to the list while not knowing that a couple of months later I would be asked to produce some pictures of our local owls and other birds of prey.

The portrait of the Wedge-tailed Eagle is based totally upon the WT Eagle that is kept at Eagles Heritage.

The Masked Owl was a difficult subject. I had put off painting a Barn or Masked Owl because of the complex markings on their wings. And I had only Internet images to use for reference and these varied so much that I was a bit lost as to what was most suitable form or morph I should use. In the end we have what we have: a masked Owl looking out over it’s domain in the evening light, and this renders some colours a little darker that if the bird were placed in bright daylight.

The final New painting for the Eagle’s Heritage shop products is actually a drawing completed using Faber-Castell Pitt Oil pencils. The Lesser Sooty Owl is another bird with very complex markings that are very hard to “read” and transpose to a sheet of paper. This drawing developed as I went along and it finished with an eerie look in a dark forest.

All three of these pictures will be available through the Eagles heritage Shop once the renovations are completed. Or you can order through our website here:

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