Splendid Fairy Wrens on the Patersonia

This picture is now available in three Open Giclee Prints sizes. Select Watercolours above for more details of this and all other paintings This picture is without doubt our most popular work ever and is now only available as an open Giclee print in three sizes.

Budgerigars after the Spinifex seed

When wandering through the spinifex grasslands of central Australia I would occasionally encounter Budgerigars. As you passed by a small bushy Mallee out would fly a Budgie or three and scare the life out of you. And if you ever want to send yourself blind, try painting the striped feathers on the Budgie’s head. ORIGINAL SOLD THROUGH BORANUP GALLERY

The Storyteller: Galahs on the gum tree

The Original Painting is available as well as two sizes of limited edition prints. Scroll down for more details. CHARACTERS OF THE OPEN PLAINS We have several Galahs visiting our garden and surrounding open land. The antics they get up to when relating to one another is often humorous and appears to be playful. But they also squabble and peck at one another in…

Red-eared Firetails perched on Semaphore Sedge

The Margaret River walking trails provide an excellent opportunity to observe many species of small birds. Occasionally, you get to see a small group of Red-eared Firetails in the bushland with various sedges and thickets of shrubs. These colourful little birds have been on my painting list for some time and now at last I have completed the watercolour painting with a simple composition….