Western Spinebills on Grevillea bipinnatifida

OUR MRROS EVENT IS AT BORANUP GALLERY 12 SEPTEMBER TO 27 SEPTEMBER This is a small (A4 size) painting of a pair of Western Spinebill’s feeding on one of my favourite grevilleas- Grevillea bipinnatifida- sometimes called the Fuchsia or Grape Grevillea. A small member of the large honeyeater family, these little beauties zoom around our garden in an almost predictable loop seeking out the…

White-cheeked Honeyeaters feeding on Illyarie (Eucalyptus erythrocorys)

White cheeked Honeyeaters are common birds within Kings Park Perth. Often along the coastal sector of the South West of WA, where there is a small eucalypt in flower, there seem to be White-Cheeks; and probably a Red Wattle Bird as well. We also encountered them a little inland from Geraldton WA while living there for a year or so. Up there they seemed…

The Storyteller: Galahs on the gum tree

CHARACTERS OF THE OPEN PLAINS We have several Galahs visiting our garden and surrounding open land. The antics they get up to when relating to one another is often humorous and appears to be playful. But they also squabble and peck at one another in order to protect their space on a branch or to be near a mate- or so it seems.  While…

Honkey Nut Heaven- Red-capped Parrots on a Pink Flowering Marri

THE QUIET PARROTS OF THE WEST With colours to challenge a harlequin clown, the brilliant Red-capped Parrots are surprisingly not so easily found in a tree. In parts of the south-west corner of Western Australia, they are moderately common birds. Large flowering grevillea shrubs in gardens and Marri trees laden with the bell shaped fruit known locally as “Honkey Nuts  are where they are…

Hornbills in Paradise: Wreathed Hornbills on Cluster Fig

HORNBILLS ARE INCREDIBLY STUNNING BIRDS IT WAS JULY 2013 when we visited the Bali Bird Park for the first time and saw for the first time a pair of Wreathed Hornbills. I was totally enchanted by their appearance and wanted to paint their portrait – of course. But it took almost seven years before that happened. And now with the Covid 19 impact I…

A Low Outlook- Splendid Fairy-Wren

  This is a watercolour painting on 300gsm Arches Hot Pressed (smooth) Paper. The framing measures  48cm x 47cm high. The Original can be obtained only from Boranup Gallery. Unframed price $745.                


We visited the Mount Buffalo and Falls Creek areas last September and were delighted to see so many Flame Robins. They seemed to find food in the snow which I guess could have been insects of some kind. One of the particular aims of the visit was to see the Snow Gums (Eucalyptus pauciflora) which are truly one of the worlds most amazing trees….

Free As – A Welcome Swallow in flight.

  Simply elegant and simply beautiful small birds of the rural wetlands and urban verandahs. We notice the while  stains on a footpath, look up, and there is the nest with adult birds feeding the chicks in their cosy mud nests. Or, winging over a plain of water in the evening light swooping down and around to collect insects in their little open beaks….

Red-eared Firetails perched on Semaphore Sedge

    The Margaret River walking trails provide an excellent opportunity to observe many species of small birds. Occasionally, you get to see a small group of Red-eared Firetails in the bushland with various sedges and thickets of shrubs. These colourful little birds have been on my painting list for some time and now at last I have completed the watercolour painting with a…

Budgerigars after the Spinifex seed

When wandering through the spinifex grasslands of central Australia I would occasionally encounter Budgerigars. As you passed by a small bushy Mallee out would fly a Budgie or three and scare the life out of you. And if you ever want to send yourself blind, try painting the striped feathers on the Budgie’s head. ORIGINAL SOLD THROUGH BORANUP GALLERY