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Regent Parrots used to be the most common of Parrots in the wheatbelt early last century. There numbers have dwindled in that part of the world I believe. I saw them for the first time about ten years ago in WA- a pair flew across the Bussel Highway west of Capel, WA. It was about four years later that I started seeing them in Margaret River where they seem to like following the forest along the river alignment. We have them roosting on the Marri and Jarrah trees on out lot in town, here in Margaret River. They fly south-west in the mornings and north-east in the late afternoons when they are here.

I wanted to place the birds in a Karri because that is where I then mostly in our area. They are also found in farmland feeding on grass seed. I was surpsied at how dard the Karri leaves are and how the dying leaves transform into a very dark red.

This is a watercolour of a pair (the Male bird at the top). Regents are very elegant when flying and have a call that I think resembles the Red-wattle Bird call a wee bit. Once framed the painting would be priced at least $5500 AUD

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